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Breast Soreness during Pregnancy

  Breast soreness hurts awful when it occurs, it is a period when anything that touches the breast becomes irritating and painful. So, when the breast feels sore with tingling and spiky sensation, you may be experiencing breast soreness or tenderness. For some women, the experience is a periodic event in line with their menstrual cycle but it is more pronounced during the early stages of pregnancy. Breast soreness or tenderness in most cases are early pregnancy stage signs for women. The soreness and tingling sensation, particularly around the nipples, is more pronounced than in other parts of the Breast. How does it feel? The noticeable internal and external changes… Read More

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Breast Cyst- the feel, the cause and worries…

Cysts are sac-like structures that are found in tissues located in various parts of the human body containing liquid, semi-solid and gaseous component. When such sac-like or capsule-like structure are found in the breast they are referred to as Breast Cyst. Breast cysts are mainly found in women and it is a non-cancerous (benign) collection of fluid in the breast. It is a very common medical condition in women but not all women have it, it is often described as round or oval lumps with clear edges. It has a distinct membrane different from the surrounding tissue and may be found in either or both breast at the same time.   Breast… Read More

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