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Breast Soreness

Breast soreness hurts awful when it occurs, it is a period when anything that touches the breast becomes irritating and painful. So, when the breast feels sore with tingling and spiky sensation, you may be experiencing breast soreness or tenderness.

For some women, the experience is a periodic event in line with their menstrual cycle but it is more pronounced during the early stages of pregnancy.

Breast soreness or tenderness in most cases are early pregnancy stage signs for women. The soreness and tingling sensation, particularly around the nipples, is more pronounced than in other parts of the Breast.

How does it feel?

The noticeable internal and external changes to the breast are as a result of secreted hormones (progesterone and estrogen) that prepares the woman’s body for sustainable pregnancy and breastfeeding.

The feelings are not universal but are dependent on the peculiarity of each individual’s body composition, the stage of breast pain 3pregnancy, and the category of the conception, either the first conception or other babies following.

The tingling sensation is a wake-up call that precedes the medical confirmation of the pregnancy of some women. The odd feeling spurs most women to check their pregnancy status.

The breast becomes fuller, swells and becomes heavier due to the sustained secretion of the progesterone hormone.


Nipples-your nipples become thicker and prominent, it becomes agonizingly tender, breast checkingaches, sores and tingles you with some internally generated spiky sensations. Though the nipples might look appealing but does not feel so.

Areolas – the dark perimeter area near the nipples become darker while the spots become wider, dotted by goosebumps. The coloration observed defers in individuals.


Veins. The increased volume and circulation of blood make the veins carrying blood through the breast tissues more prominent and sometimes with a bluish color interconnecting network.


Causes of breast soreness

Breast soreness or tenderness that characterizes the first trimester of pregnancy is due to accelerated hormone activities (estrogen and progesterone) which prepares the woman for breastfeeding her baby. According to Dr Shelley Binkley, an OB-GYN, the pregnant woman’s breast receives an increased volume of blood and fluid which leads to engorgement and swollenness of the breast.

This sudden enlargement in size and glands tensions the support ligaments of the breasts, the stretching of the walls and tissues of the breast against one another inflict pains that constitute the breast pains.


How to manage Breast soreness

As had earlier been mentioned, breast soreness is due to hormone activities within the woman, hence it cannot be eliminated but there are several approaches to moderate the impact of the tenderness.


  • It is possible for your OB-GYN to recommend some breast doctorvitamins E and D to subside the pains but not to eliminate it.


  • Avoid the hotness of your breast area, many pregnant women that have passed through the same route prefers a cool ambience around their breast. This you can achieve by using cool cabbage leaves, ice packs, and a bag of frozen peas.

  • This is not contrary to the above by using warm, wet towels for short periods to increase blood circulation and reduce swellings. A warm bath also moderates the pains felt due to breast tenderness.


  • Get a good bra, a cotton bra will not be a bad idea since it is gentle on your nipples, padded bras 4it allows aeration and limits sweat. Underwire/ synthetic/nursing bras are No! No! Just ensure you wear fitting/supportive bras at every stage of the development of your breast.


  • The bra should also be able to take you through the night because of the uncomfortable pain that may come due to your breast touching your tummy or touching the sleeping sheets or platform.


  • You should drink more water throughout the day. Dehydration or lesser than enough water intake will lead to more concentration of hormones. More water will, however, flush your system of excess fluid and secreted hormones, thereby moderating the pain.

  • Soreness is often aggravated by the presence of a concentrated salt solution.

  • So, you may also consider a reduction in sodium or salt intake. The increased water intake and reduced salt will be a good palliative to reduce breast soreness.

Note that this is a temporary measure since salt is also very important to increase blood volume.


  • Diet – This is a period to select food that is rich in vitamins and minerals. Such kind of diet should include; green veggies, whole grains, seeds, and nuts. You can be sure that these will reduce the soreness and agonizing tender feelings.


In conclusion

Breast soreness or tenderness happens to almost every woman during pregnancy though at different irritating level and scale.

breast check 2.2The features are not universal. You need to study your body response and refuse to panic. It is most challenging within the first trimester of pregnancy before relief gradually settles-in. I will advise you to try some recommended management measures in consultation with your OB-GYN in order to adopt the best relief measure to your body system.

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  1. Wow, very informative and nice post!
    Actually, I have faced the same problems during both pregnancies.
    For me personally, the best method was a warm bath, it really helps!
    You are mentioning interesting facts about reducing salt and drinking more water, I didn’t know it affects the soreness. Thanks for sharing great information!

    1. Dear Halyna,
      Thank you for finding the post interesting and informative. Various methods work for individuals separately. The most important thing is for the pain and discomfort to be moderated during the period of its occurrence. Once again, thank you for your time.

      Thank you.

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