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Tatoos, your Breast and your Health

Tattoos were once a taboo with potential religious, communal, and cultural consequences but have now gained mainstream adoption representing fashion and trends statement all over the world. According to the Nielsen poll, one in five Americans has a tattoo, while other publications put it at a record above 40% for American adults with over 20,000 tattoo parlours in America that are growing by one every day. For Canada, Ireland and UK, the percentage of adults wearing tattoos are 38%, 36% and 29% respectively.   Nature of Tattoos Tattoos is a form of body modification through puncturing of the skin with needles and inserting ink, dyes, and pigments into the deep layer of the skin… Read More

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Breast Implants –Types and Risks

    Breast implants are artificial fillers introduced into a woman’s breast through a medical procedure (prosthesis) to effect a change in the size, shape, and contour of the breasts that might have been affected by some unfortunate events like cancer, tuberous breast deformities, other diseases, trauma and/or congenital conditions.   Breast implants are more in demand nowadays because more women in both developed and developing economies want to enhance their natural proportions and create a more visible, symmetrical and aesthetically appealing breast profile.   The medical or cosmetic surgery procedure of inserting breast implants to meet a patient’s requirement is popularly referred to as breast augmentation or reconstruction.   What… Read More

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Breast Self- Examination

    Breast self-examination (BSE) is a personal responsibility that is expected of men and women older than 18 years at least once a month. It is of more importance with women who have more developed mammary glands and history of complications.   It is a process and an inspection that everyone should undertake periodically to become self-aware of their breast. BSE is not necessarily because of Cancer, but rather you need to be able to describe the size, shape, tone, texture, and symmetry of your breasts. You should use your eyes and hands to determine if there are any changes to the look and feel of your breasts. You… Read More

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Breast Enhancement Vitamins

    Breast enhancement in the form of breast lift, enlargement, augmentation, and reduction are now a growing fag because of the importance that most women attach to the appeal and appearance of their breast.   Most average aged women would easily allude to the fact that a bigger and plumper breast gives them more confidence, and they look forward to having such a structure and fit.   Women’s distinctive feature Breast care, growth, development, shape, and size will continue to drive the interest of both women and men, because the breasts represent the most visible and distinctive physical features of a woman.   Most women, therefore, want their breast… Read More

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Breast Soreness during Pregnancy

  Breast soreness hurts awful when it occurs, it is a period when anything that touches the breast becomes irritating and painful. So, when the breast feels sore with tingling and spiky sensation, you may be experiencing breast soreness or tenderness. For some women, the experience is a periodic event in line with their menstrual cycle but it is more pronounced during the early stages of pregnancy. Breast soreness or tenderness in most cases are early pregnancy stage signs for women. The soreness and tingling sensation, particularly around the nipples, is more pronounced than in other parts of the Breast. How does it feel? The noticeable internal and external changes… Read More

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Breast Cyst- the feel, the cause and worries…

Cysts are sac-like structures that are found in tissues located in various parts of the human body containing liquid, semi-solid and gaseous component. When such sac-like or capsule-like structure are found in the breast they are referred to as Breast Cyst. Breast cysts are mainly found in women and it is a non-cancerous (benign) collection of fluid in the breast. It is a very common medical condition in women but not all women have it, it is often described as round or oval lumps with clear edges. It has a distinct membrane different from the surrounding tissue and may be found in either or both breast at the same time.   Breast… Read More

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